Most people covered by private dental cover are able to choose which dentist will provide their dental care.

However, some health funds are attempting to force their members to see a health funds’ dentist of choice or ‘preferred provider’.

The term ‘preferred’ is misleading as it insinuates that the dentist has met a higher standard of care than other dentists. When it really only means that they are contractually and financially bound to that health fund.

We do not participate in these schemes as we do not believe in contracted dentistry.

We wish to be able to provide the current high standard of service to our patients without any restrictions to the decision making process. We believe that maintaining patient choice is a crucial element to providing high standards of dental care.

The Australian Dental Association believes you should be fully informed about all the implications that contracted dentistry will have on dental care for you and your family.

It may be time to look at what rebates your private dental fund is offering you. Can you do better?

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