A dental implant is a permanent and fixed tooth replacement option when a whole tooth (crown and root) is missing. Implants can be a single unit or multiple units where it is possible to replace a larger span of missing teeth. Implants can even be used to replace teeth for a whole dental arch! This option relies on having enough bone available to place the implant.

Dental implants act like the natural tooth root, are generally made of biocompatible materials such as titanium, are well adapted to be placed in the jaw bone and provide stability and comfort to the occlusion.

Sometimes an implant can be placed at the time a tooth is extracted, but they can also be placed into the space of an already missing tooth. The advantage of an implant is that adjacent teeth do not need to be prepared or shaped, meaning that natural existing tooth structure can be preserved. The implant and custom-made crown are made so the replacement tooth appears as natural as possible.

Once an implant (the “root” portion) has healed and its crown (the “tooth” portion) has been placed, you can brush, floss, eat and drink just like normal!

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