A dental bridge can be used to replace missing teeth or those that are beyond repair and need to be removed. Each bridge is custom made to match the colour and shape of your existing teeth to blend in as naturally as possible. Bridges are commonly made of ceramic, which is strong and has a natural appearance. Some bridges are made of tooth coloured resin and can be made directly in the chair or indirectly in a dental laboratory. Bridges can be made over natural teeth or over dental implants.

A bridge using natural teeth as anchors needs a tooth either side of the missing tooth space to be replaced. Natural teeth either side of the space are shaped to accommodate the new bridge, scanned using modern digital technology and then the bridge is constructed by a lab technician. The bridge is then cemented on permanently (as opposed to a denture which can be removed).

An implant retained bridge is attached to implants placed in the dental arch which act as roots to support the bridge in place. Implants act as the natural tooth root, for example where the space may be too large for a conventional tooth retained bridge, or there is no tooth on one side of the space.

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dental tooth retained bridge
dental implant retained bridge