After three years of lockdowns, business closures, isolation and border closures, the world is now “living with Covid”. The world finally feels more normal! During the height of the pandemic, many businesses were affected, including the health industry. However, Covid and other respiratory illnesses are still quite prevalent in society and there are still precautions to be taken to minimise the spread.

With respect to the dental setting, there are still some guidelines to follow and be aware of when making a dental appointment.

These include but are not limited to:

  • not attending the dental practice if you are unwell, especially with cold & flu symptoms
  • if you are covid positive, rescheduling your dental appointment to a minimum of 7 days after a positive diagnosis and you are symptom free (most general dental surgeries are not equipped to treat covid positive cases)
  • if you are a close contact, delaying your dental appointment for a minimum of 7 days, especially if symptomatic
  • if you are an asymptomatic close contact and require emergency dental treatment, appointments can only be made if testing negative daily but it is recommended to reschedule to a safer time (minimum 7 days after exposure to a positive covid case and still testing negative)

Precautions are still being followed within the practice as well (pre and post treatment mouth-rinses, hand gel upon entry & exit, masks are optional).

As usual, please contact our wonderful team with any queries. Thank you.